Bloom & Co. began as a floral studio exclusively specializing in weddings and events throughout the Niagara Region. The studio remains fully operational in the bright, light-filled workspace at the back of the shop, and Kalin continues to produce high-quality event florals and host workshops for those eager to master the craft of floral design.


The dream of Bloom & Co. Curated Living was born in a tiny boutique in Williamsburg that served mimosas to browsing customers. It's unclear if bubbles were to blame, but Kalin and Nataschia returned to their Airbnb and began to map out rough plans for a refined and thoughtfully curated shop to bring to the  Niagara area. 




Bloom & Co. Curated Living is a lifestyle boutique nestled in the lovely St. Davids village of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Inspired by travel, slow living and purposeful indulgence, Bloom & Co.’s accessories and homewares encourage a beautiful, curated life that lends a laid-back nod to sophisticated style.


We’ve curated a selection of our favourite products, some that we use every day and others that were discovered in places we love. We’re obsessed with high-quality workmanship and artistry. 


Whether you’re thoughtfully searching for the perfect gift for someone you care about or seeking some indulgence for yourself, we have just the thing.


Come visit us! We can't wait to meet you.



Kalin & Nataschia

Mason Neufeld Photography

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