Sunday, November 18, 2018




Bloom & Co. Studio

247 four mile creek road,

st. davids

$125 +hst

Macrame with a Modern spin! Create your own beautiful and unique macrame wall hanging and bring texture and life to your space. Macrame is making a reappearance in today’s decor. Inspired by the 70’s fad (and probably seen in your grandmother's home) it has been revived with a tasteful modern appeal.


Wall hangings, plant hangers and more can be found all over walls in contemporary or mid-centurymodern homes, giving character and texture to a space. In this workshop, you will learn some basic knots and techniques to create a macrame wall hanging that is approx. 10"x 35" made from 3 strand 3/16" (5mm) natural un-dyed cotton. You will leave with a finished wall hanging and a mind filled with inspiration!

All of the supplies you need are provided including natural un-dyed cotton rope and a choice between a found branch or a straight wooden dowel for your wall hanging.


Instructional video links will be provided after the workshop for all participants. 

For Beginners. No experience necessary. 

Book now! Space is limited.

Instructor: Natalie Ranae
IG: @natalie_ranae

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